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  • Free Personal Assessment

    During your first 15 days you can schedule a free assessment with your VP. This is not a computer test but a real conversation with a foreigner. We will test your language level and help plan the start of your learning journey and get advice on how to get greater results using VINE dots.

  • Free Training Plan

    We will combine your language level, interests, and job to create a custom training plan and study guide just for you to help you reach your goals. If there is a class you need that we do not have, we will create a course just for you.
    Yes! We will create custom videos for you. To make sure you reach your goals.

  • Free 1-on-1 Class

    After 6 months you will receive a free private 1-hour class with a professional teacher (PRO and PLUS plans). We will review what you have learned and help make sure you are reaching your goals. We can practice a job interview or help you write a CV. Anything you need coaching with.

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1-on-1 Assessment

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You will have access to a huge video library of on-demand video lessons plus online English classes (1 class per week), presentations, quizzes, downloads, readings, audio, community discussions, and more.
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The Future of Learning:
Guided self-study and technology

With VINEdots you will get...

  • Access to over 30 hours of professional English video classes in 4K high definition created by globally certified trainers and English teachers. We add new content everyday, including quizzes, readings, downloads, presentations and more.

  • A Vine Partner (VP) that will be your language guide. Your VP will help ensure you get a good student experience. If there are some topics you want, the VP will make sure to create new lessons and videos for you.

  • Vine LIVE! A 60-Minute English class (1x per week) to ask questions and practice what you have learned. You will connect to other language learners around the world. We have Social and Business English classes that you can review anytime you want.

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How to use VINEdots

For the past 10 years over 100,000 learners accomplished their dreams by learning English with Vine. A combination of true student-centered learning with 100% flexible classes, hi-tech tools, and professional teachers/coaches. All courses are optimized to focus directly and what students needs in a clear, concise, and interactive manner.

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What our students say about Vine

Our student success is guided by Vine P.O.W.E.R.

Kelly Chen (Taiwan GM)

Our Employees were able to easily apply what they learned quickly at work.

Brenda Yang

After only a few hours I was able to prepare my CV and have the confidence to pass and English interview at an International company.

Simon Cheng

I was too shy to speak English in front of people. After signing up for Vine Dots I was able to learn basic small talk and start making foreigner friends.

Master English Classes

Classes taught by professional teachers and business coaches


Russ Jaimes

In addition to being a director and an international entrepreneur , Mr. Jaimes is a globally certified trainer and coach bringing 12 years of teaching and computer science experience to the Vine Dots platform. By analyzing thousand of his classes using a data-driven strategy, Russ created Vine Dots to better help students who don't have the time or finances to enroll in 1-on-1 courses.


Alex Sramkova

Alex is a future entrepreneur. She is currently studying commercial design and working on opening an exhibition about her work.

Senior Instructor

Nigel Mupondi

Nigel is head instructor of Vine Education for 5 years. He has written many workshops and seminars for international companies and also organizes social events for communities around Taiwan.